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Keller Williams Realty
1255 Lynnfield, Suite, 100
Memphis, TN 38119

Specializing in Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, Tennessee Real Estate.

Born in 1958, Michelle graduated from Mississippi State University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Studies Education. Her all-encompassing University studies laid the groundwork for a non-traditional approach to business, which actually began with years in Corporate America and Investment Banking. Wonder why she's so focused on the client's needs and direction? It's because she's developed in Human Resources -- focusing on Training and Development, Recruiting, and Small Business Consulting.

Her current clients, however, are convinced she has found her niche in Sales and Marketing.

Michelle earned her Real Estate License in 2002 and has actively embraced the Real Estate Profession by completing over 75 hours in non-required continuing education and completing more than 100 hours in required continuing education. Her lifelong commitment to learning continues to help her gain insight in both sales transactions and deal-making. She takes pride in providing real etate services in the Memphis, Collierville, Germantown and Cordova, Tennessee area.

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BLOG #1 — Monday August 15, 2011

a day in the life of a memphis realtor

by michelle amen


So the other day I have to go the vet to get some Pro-Biotics for my cat, Miss Lovey. The vet techs there are wonderful. miss loveyWhen one of Miss Lovey’s vet tech’s — “B,” we’ll call him — saw that I was there, he came flying from out of the back, so happy to see me. I didn’t see where this was going, but, aahh, the great reveal was coming…….

We did our usual hug (Miss Lovey goes in for her monthly steroid shot) and he started joking at how he needed a “Sugar Mama (he’s about 26).” I said, “Baby, the only hammers, nails, and screws that I need at my age were ones that go into the walls!” He quickly replied that he knew how to do carpentry work. (Hhhhmmm, LOL?) I’m thinking about the things I needed done around the house and obviously he’s thinking about other things…..there had evidently been talk in the vet’s office that I am a quite successful REALTOR here in the city of Memphis, TN and its surrounding suburbs, Arlington, Bartlett, Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, etc.

As I was paying for the products, one of the other techs meandered in and saw my name tag and said, “So, you’re the one who sells real estate?” (Talk in the office?) “Yes, I do” I replied with a proud smile on my face. (My mind in a Nano-second thinks about the 100’s of hours of education that I’ve been through, the 1000’s of hours that I’ve spent in making dreams come true for my client’s, the 100’s of problems that I’ve solved, all of the legal issues that I’ve thwarted on behalf of my clients, the billions of hours and the 1000’s of dollars that I’ve spent on marketing, Ahhhh, what a good feeling of accomplishment!) Screeching HALT!!!!!!!! THAT was about to be TOTALLY Ripped to pieces……….

You could tell that she was mulling this around in her head. Then she asked me, “So all you do is ride people around and show and sell them houses?” I FROZE. Now let me say here that my facial expressions are something that I really have to check as I am a very demonstrative person. I have to really make sure that what I’m feeling inside is NOT what is being projected outside. OMG!!! I’m still FROZEN!! ANGRY!! Not at her as she is merely one of numerous who have that perception; but at the Public’s TOTAL misperception as I am confronted with this common misperception that this is what we, as REALTORS, do and that this ALL that we REALTORS do to make the home buying and selling dream happen. OH, and should I mention keep our portion of the economy Rockin’ N’ Rollin’?

I replied to her something like this, (with somewhat clenched teeth and a smile, of course), “that yes, we have people in our cars, just knock on doors of people with FOR SALE signs in their yards, tell them we are showing their houses. Please take your dinner to the car and get your kid out of the bathtub, NOW! There are people here who are going to buy your house. And why are the beds not made?" Oh, by the way, I have the contract, let’s sign it TODAY!!! And their house is SOLD. MAGIC! IT’s just that EASY! Oh, goody! I get to do it again, tomorrow! No, I wasn’t quite that big of a smart ass. I calmly explained that there was quite the process in just showing the homes. It seemed that that’s all she wanted to hear. Once I had squashed her perception of reality, her attention span drifted…as do most peoples’…after all what is HGTV for? It is reality TV, isn’t it?? LOL. I refer to them as “Armchair REALTORs.” Ooooppps! There, I said it. Just enough knowledge to be dangerous to themselves and the industry. I See it and experience it every day.

Hence, my blog. The Real REALTOR of Memphis. I will begin a massive education for you, the public, of the daily life of a REALTOR. I will cover Marketing, Sales (yes, there is a difference), Commissions (our independent contractor status), Listings, Buyers, Home Inspections, Contracts, and any and all other topics as they are relevant to you in helping you understand WHY and HOW to utilize a REALTOR. Over the next coming months, I assure you that you will find incredible value pertinent to you as you take your next steps in making to your decision to Buy or Sell!

Be sure to return here every week to read a new installment in the Real Realtor of Memphis. And, as always, please email me whenever you have the time. I’d love to hear from you and I promise to answer each email personally.

After all, we’re nothing without friends, right?!


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